When someone insults you and you have no response so you just backflip away with your friend


this is some silent hill shit right here


he got booty


if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits


(My message didn’t post yesterday ughh) Lol Carl! Get behind me! Stay here Carl! Don’t go out there Carl! Rick has to talk to him too much. Dude, you got a baby sister to help lookout for. I wonder how things will go tonight?

So last night we found a tiny kitten next door (our neighbors moved out weeks ago). I found two kittens actually, but the larger one wouldn’t let me catch it. Anyway, we kept the little one inside last night. We fed her, got her to use a litter box, even gave her a bath. Her name is Boo. Anyway after work tonight I couldn’t find her and we thought she got out when we opened the door. And I heard pitiful little meowing from the hedge bushes around out house. So it took me, my bestie, my Mom, my dog (who LOVES cats) over 15 minutes to catch this little kitten with the help of a pool cleaning net. Then once inside holding this kitten, we spot Boo walking out into the living room. We caught the wrong cat, her brother. So now out of no where we have two more cats. Boo is a small grey kitten and Spooky is lighter grey with dark stripes.

Our indoor cats, Spock and Ying Yang don’t like this at all. Dad swears they will be outside cats once they get a bit bigger. But I’m really hoping they’ll get used to having all 4 cats inside and won’t banish them outside.




just the vehicle I need for the zombie apocalypse

I like that everything but the tiny little blue bug gets destroyed
totally ok